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Yet another jQuery validation post: make it work with bootstrap

I recently needed to enforce rules on a form that I laid out with bootstrap. The form looked great but required a selection of values or it wouldn’t yield correct results. If designed well, a form won’t need a lengthy

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It’s not about you

A basic truth about your software career: It’s not about you A simple truth about opportunity in the world of software is that most of the paying work lies in the fulfillment of other people’s desires. This means that staying

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How to be a successful software developer

Be of service. This is simple to talk about, but difficult to practice. The key is to adopt service focused approach to your profession. This technique is powerful because most developers spend all of their time thinking in a “nerd

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A plan for requirements gathering

When creating software program how do you get from an idea to a detailed list of things that need to be accomplished? This question is not easily answered. There is a road to get there, others have traveled this road

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Don’t ask for permission, just get busy

You don’t need permission (read: degree, certificate, etc…) to become a software developer. In many ways, degrees and certificates can be a waste of time, money, and effort. I can already hear the howls from folks who paid good money

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